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Why Trust Me? (Shawn Trautman)

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Shawn Trautman Instruction | 0 comments

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Learning to dance should be easy, but most instructors make it hard. Shawn Trautman removes barriers and makes lessons fast, simple & fun. And now, from Shawn himself…

“What could I possibly say that would make you want to read this?

I could be like all the other instructors out there and say “look at me and how I dance – don’t you want to look like me?” but that wouldn’t be my style.

I could tell you “I’m the best best dancer that ever lived!” but that would be complete hogwash as that’s an arrogant, selfish ‘unsubstantiated’ statement for anyone to even consider making.

I could say “buy my dance lesson videos and you’ll become the greatest dancer instantly”, but the truth is, that’s not possible, for anyone.

I could be completely honest and tell you what you’ll get out of our lessons and why choosing me, as your instructor, will be one of the best decisions of your life. Why?… please read on.

What YOU get is the honest, straightforward nuts and bolts of each dance (2-Step, Swing, Line Dances, WCS, Double Two-Step, Slow Dancing, etc.) and what you NEED for success. You get the WHAT, the WHY, the WHEN, the HOW and in an order that’s proven to build your confidence and style, quickly.

If you’re going to trust anyone with your lessons, you should really go with someone who truly cares about your success and is willing to work with you on any and all questions as you go.

That’s me & my team!

And last, if you need ‘social proof’, we have over 5K online success stories of people just like you who discovered just how much they now love to dance because they tried our lessons.

So yeah, I’ve taught for over 20 years and have produced over 75 full-length dance lesson DVDs, but I’m most proud of the fact that I’ve made products that have changed countless number of people’s lives.

So, welcome to my store! I’m glad you’re here. Please take a look around and let me know how I can help YOU unleash the you that you knew was there all along.”


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