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“Shawn makes it so simple to learn, keeping it at a slower pace for the beginner. He also throws in some variations for more challenge. They’re so good, I have added several of his DVDs to my collection!” -Linda N.

A top-rated line dance instructor, Shawn Trautman is the founder of one of the best selling dance lesson collections worldwide that delivers what it promises – it gets people dancing!

The co-author of Picture Yourself Dancing and a frequent public speaker, Shawn believes anyone can learn to line dance using his instruction – and so he’s developed numerous lessons through DVDs and online videos to extend that opportunity worldwide.

Shawn Trautman’s Line Dance videos are an amazing set of lessons that will transform the unlikeliest of dancers in much less time than you’d ever dream possible.

The methods used by Shawn will inspire you and you’ll wonder how you could possibly have learned it any other way.

You’ll amaze yourself at just how easily you pick up the dances and how confident you become.

Do yourself a favor and see what all’s included in this extensive collection of the finest line dances and instruction you’ll find anywhere.

Don’t miss out – get started with the very best line dance video lessons now!

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