Black Friday Savings!

Black Friday Savings!


If you are confident with the concepts covered in Two-Step 101, and in further depth and detail in Two-Step Basics 1, 2, and 3, then you are ready to take on the “Wrap and Release” mastered in Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 2.

Using his signature step-by-step instruction style, Shawn and Nicole will dance along with you as you master a wrap and release combination, and how to get into it from closed and two-hand hold positions.

Also, you’ll learn how to exit from it back to closed dance position, how to add some style with a variety of exits and rhythm syncopations, & how to incorporate the underarm turns, torque turns, and wrap/unwrap combinations into your own personal social dance routine so the group of Moves and Patterns taught in this lesson join your Texas 2-Step repertoire in your long-term memory.

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