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Two Step (aka Texas two-step) Dance lessons with top lead
and follow video instruction, steps, and classes

Get ready to dance the Two-Step with moves that are easily led and incredibly easy to follow! Learn Two-Step from the top instructors.

The two-step, by the nature of its background, is considered to be pure country; however, its roots show that it is more of a stretched-out descendent of the fox trot. Although two-step was once considered only a country dance, it has continued to grow into one of the most popular social dances around due to its leading and following characteristics and its eye-catching illusionary movements around the dance floor. Two-step is a smooth dance that offers much more than simply walking around the dance floor and dancing a pattern or two.

Shawn Trautman will have you dancing in no time with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level steps, moves, and combinations.

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