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Country Dance 101 – Online Lesson + DVD

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Country Dance 101 includes beginner level Line Dancing (Flying Eights), Partner Line Dancing (The Sway), Two-Step, and Double/Triple Two-Step.


Learn how to country dance with style with Country Dance 101. Shawn and Joanna will have you dancing in no time as you master the best of country dancing. A little bit of line dancing and then a couples line dance will get your feet moving to the beat, but a night out at a barn dance or honkey tonk is not quite complete with out a driving Two-Step or the fun and energizing Double Two-Step (also commonly referred to as Triple Two-Step). After completing Country Dance 101 you can consider yourself prepared to have a great time country dancing!

Country Dance 101 is the perfect set of country dance lessons for beginners as it’s easy-to-follow, step-by-step, and features the most popular country dances! This country dance video starts with an overall intro to country dancing that’ll get you up to speed quickly, and it’s in a format you won’t find anywhere else! Next, you’ll get into line dancing (Flying 8’s) and you’ll be well on your way to getting the right look & style that’ll impress your friends. From there, you’ll get your first look at a partner line dance (the Sway) where you’ll now start depending on someone else to do their own part and you’ll see just how much fun you can have following along. Then, you’ll get into both Two-Step and Triple 2-Step, where you’ll gain a whole new perspective of dancing as a couple. By the end of these country dance videos you’ll find you like all these dances so much that you’ll be begging your partner to take you out on the town!

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